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Posted by Adam Attwood Hillson on

So, some of you will know I have been selling modding parts to the community for coming on 10 years now. It had always been a side business or a "plan b". Well, as of today that is no longer the case. I officially quit the "day job" and the notice period is over. Today is my first day as a free man.

So this brings a lot more free time, so I am looking at bringing premods and console modding services back (I stopped them at least 5 years ago!!).

It will also mean I have a lot more time for the all the projects I have intended to do and never had time for. So watch this space for new in house products.

Also looking at expanding the site offering, this will include more of the open source projects that are out there. But also actively seeking out hobbyist that have something cool to make, but no real platform or experience manufacturing. Please get in touch if this sounds like you! 

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  • Good for you! I made a similar decision to quit my day job years ago to do what I love. Congrats. Now you’ve convinced me to buy something here, as well.


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