OMVS Components kit

Regular price £99.99

Complete component kit for an OMVS build.

The kit includes:

  • Front and rear PCBs
  • Meanwell power supply (if selected)
  • Cables and LED
  • All required screws
  • LIR-2032 battery and holder

The only other required parts are an MVS MV-1C, the case and a power cord for your country (the PSU itself is worldwide). We do not supply the power cord, as we ship worldwide and can not currently stock them all - sorry!

If you want to purchase your own power supply, to reduce costs (shipping is cheaper without the PSU). The one we supply is available from digikey for pretty much the same price we charge - GST18A05-P1J Power Supply

The cases are currently available from:

Please be aware, due to slight component differences between our kit and the TaiToc labs kit - you must have the case with the recess removed on the front (all cases manufactured since 23/04/2022 should be compatible). To ensure your case is the updated version, please compare to the picture below:



The updated files for making your own case (with the recess removed) are available here