NeoPocket GameDrive

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The RetroHQ NeoPocket GameDrive cartridge contains 15MB of onboard FLASH memory available to install your games, and a memory card slot to acccess your game library directly from the console, wherever you are.

To play games on the NeoGeo Pocket console, they must first be installed onto the FLASH memory of the cartridge via the memory card. Up to 15MB of games can be installed at once from the built-in management software, and once a game has been installed it can be run instantly from the game selection menu. Installed games can be saved back to the memory card (to save progress) and deleted to free up space for more games to be installed.

Hardware Compatibility
  • NeoGeo Pocket (Black and White)
  • NeoGeo Pocket Colour
  • NeoGeo Pocket Colour Slim
  • Link Play
  • FAT16 or FAT32 memory cards

Software Compatibility

  • All retail games and homebrew supported
  • Resume game functionality not supported
  • No other compatibility issues known