N64 Advanced RGB Mod

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The N64 Advanced RGB Mod by Borti4938. 

Please note - the hardware is using the latest version. The picture is of an older version, but please be assured you will get the current latest PCB design.

N64A + Basic RCP2 Flex kit includes:

  • Professionally manufactured N64A Board
  • Basic Flex breakout
  • All screws/washers required. 

N64A + Advanced Flex kit includes:

  • Professionally manufactured N64A Board
  • Buffered RCP2N64 easy solder flex
  • N64RGB2MoutFilter output easy solder flex
  • All screws/washers required.

Known Compatibility issue: Perfect Park in HiRes mode seems to have picture quality issues. Normal mode works fine and HiRes mode runs slower anyway.  

Our documentation (use this first!):

Borti's original installation instructions (if not covered in above guide yet):

Information available:

We also sell the programmer to update the firmware: