Dreamcast Region Free Mod Bios Chip

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Preflashed region free bios (Japanese Cake 1.031 dev startup) for your dreamcast.

We do not supply Japanese Cake 1.032 due to compatibility issues. However, if you want this, you can flash the chip once installed in the console with dreamshell. 

Options available are:

MX29F1610 (5v) for VA0

MX29LV160 (3.3v) for VA1 and VA2.1

Installation instructions can be found here: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/sega-dreamcast-region-free-bios/


We are now supplying the MX29F1610A not the MX29F1610 for VA0 consoles. There is no functional difference (A is a newer revision of the same chip). However, the currently released version of dreamshell doesnt support flashing this chip. Please download this version to reprogram the chip in system: Dreamshell MX29F1610A