Mega Drive / Genesis Triple Bypass (3BP) Video Upgrade Board

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Does not come with the MiniDIN 9 Connector, as most people will route signals to existing connector. We sell the MiniDIN separately if you wish to buy it.

Comes with 3x 5.6k pull up resistors for the required fixed as detailed: Here

Genesis / Mega Drive Triple Bypass
The “Triple Bypass” (3BP for short) is a board that bypasses the audio and video circuits of a Sega Genesis, as well as the DIN (on a model 1). It was originally designed by db Electronics, but has become a true open source project with many amazing contributors. 

This should be considered an expert-only mod and will (in most cases) disable composite video output.

Installation Instructions
A wiki with full installation instructions is coming soon. For now, please reference the Mega Amp thread for the audio installation on all models not shown below: 

For the video bypass, you can follow the same basic guide as the original Genesis RGB bypass, which usually involves lifting the RGBs pins from the main chip and pulling raw signals right from the source. For all versions of the Genesis 2 except the VA4, a bottom-install is recommended.

Genesis 2 Bottom Installation
Genesis 3 Installations (scroll down)
Github Repo that's being updated 

Open-Source Links
Current v2 by tianfeng33: Here
René’s original v1 with BOM: Here
Our Fork: Here