Philips CD-i 400/500 Series RGB Board

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Does not include output connector. 8pin miniDIN or 9pin miniDIN are recommended.

The CD-i RGB from Mobius Strip Tech is back! Currently the only authorised distributor (source). While the CD-i certainly isn't a popular console, we have always aimed to keep all mods in stock, no matter how little they sell.


The first RGB board made specifically for the Philips CD-i 400 and 500 series. This board is a completely custom circuit designed in house. It offers a proper 0.7Vpp RGB signal, 0.35Vpp 75ohm combined sync (CSYNC) signal, and a TTL CSYNC signal. Sync signals are built from the H-Sync and V-Sync signals directly from the video encoder to ensure proper timing. This sync signal is 100% compatible with the OSSC, as well as Sony PVM’s. DIY Installation documentation is available from our GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose this board over the “PC Engine amp-based” modification found online?

  • Sync signal is not using Composite Video which can cause noise and failure to sync on some devices.
  • RGB levels are a proper 0.7Vpp versus >1.0Vpp signals seen on the “PC Engine amp-based” modification
  • RGB and 75ohm CSync signals are 100% safe for use with the OSSC and consumer grade devices. No risk of damage due to over-voltage.
  • Built-in RGB Enable pad. No more soldering in a pull-up resistor.
  • Accurate colour reproduction matching OEM output.

I don’t have a 400/500 series, will this still work?

  • Compatible with all Philips CD-i consoles with a BT9106, BT9107, or BT9108 encoder.
  • Check GitHub for consoles known to have this chip(s): Here

Does this work with HDRetrovision cables, RAD2X, Genesis/MegaDrive 2 SCART cables?

  • Yes. This board can be made to work with these cables.
  • Simply remove and bridge the 75ohm resistors and 220uf capacitors on RGB lines. And use the TTL CSync pad for sync.

Can I use this on a PAL CD-i?

  • Absolutely. This board is compatible with both PAL and NTSC CD-i units.
  • Please note this board does not modify refresh rates, enable switching refresh rates, or convert from 50hz to 60hz or vice versa.

How do I install this?